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  1. It is still my 6 1/2' 2-weight Orvis 1-ounce (since renamed superfine). Sage 3100 click with sage quiet taper line.

    Largest fish landed, 20" brown on secret spring creek. Largest fish lost, that same 26" brown that graced the cover of Fly Fisherman (yeah, I have confirmation it was the one).

    Handles big guys flexing to the butt, makes little guys loads of fun.
  2. At this point, gotta say it's my 7' LL Bean fiberglass rod on a Lamiglas honey blank built by Bill Franke's Timberline Rod Co. Casts a 5wt line like a dream. Smooth, mid-full flex that can drop a fly on a dime! Love this rod.
  3. I love my Scott SES 9' 5wt. It can feel like a 4wt, 5wt, or 6wt, depending on the flies I use and my casting rhythm. I used it for tricos last year, and didn't miss a bit of the delicacy of my 4wt. In the spring, I used it to lob big streamers on the Clark Fork without breaking a sweat. It's not the best rod for casts over 70 feet, and I wouldn't take it up a tiny creek, but it's the most versatile rod I've ever used. And it looks like a better Winston. Bought it on WFF classifieds...
  4. There is no rod I can't live without. As long as I have regular meals, a warm place to poop, and the interwebs, I'm good.

    As for rods I covet, I've been aiming at a spectrum for the last few years. I have maybe a dozen rods I could live without, but there are 3 that cover my normal spectrum. A Steffen glass 4wt (courtesy of Ed), a Winston 5wt WT, and a Sage 697 XP cover 95% of my needs. A close 4th would be a Sage 896 RPL, the ubiquitous Steelhead rod. Just love the way that hucks line and fishes (as true with the others). I just don't Steelhead much anymore.
    But with only the 4, 5 and 6, I could be very happy. They compliment each other. If I HAD to pare it down to one it would be the WT, but that would just start the Saga all over again.
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  5. RL wintson b2x's in any weight I have yet to cast there two hander yet tho
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  6. Recently I've been doing a lot of small water fishing. I picked up a CABELAS 5'9" fiberglass 3WT CGR. I love this rod!!! Every fish feels like a "MONSTER"!! Yesterday I caught an 11 inch cut in some fast moving water, the bend in the rod was awesome!!!
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  7. My favorite is a Sage 490 LL rod as it's nice and smooth and a joy to cast. Having said that I've bought many rods since that Sage. Latest is a 3/4 switch rod for trout.
  8. Sage DS2 9' 6wt
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  9. my first rod was 5wt DS2 I loved it
  10. RL Winston BIII-SX 696-4 paired with custom Hatch Finatic 5 Plus. winstonHatch.jpg
  11. Talking trout rods, my first "nice" rod was a Fenwick Feralite that I used for many years. Then in the early 80's I got my first graphite rod, a 5wt Sage GFL, and that became my new favorite. I fished that rod so much I had to have it refinished. Then in the early 90's I picked up a Sage 7' 11" 4wt LL, and a 9' 5wt LL, and they became my new favorites. A few years later a friend let me fish with his 5wt Sage SP, and I loved it, so I picked one up and the 5wt LL saw less use. Then sometime in the 2000's Winston introduced the Biix rods, and my girlfriend had one in a 6wt, and when I cast it it was buttery smooth. She got me one for my birthday that year (she is now my wife for good reason), and it became my new favorite. Then a couple of years ago Hardy came out with the Zenith Sintrix rods, and I picked up a 5wt. It is an amazing rod. Powerful, delicate, light, strong. Definitely my new favorite. I don't imagine anything can be better. I still use almost all my rods now and again, but the 2 that stand out as all time favorites are the 7'11" LL and the Hardy. And yes, the first step is admitting you have a problem.....
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  12. isnt the winston SX very heavy in the hand?i see the rod weights are very high.
  13. I have a boner
  14. 1/2 oz. or so heavier than the Sage One, but hardly noticeable. Note that the Hatch is 6.5 oz. so this isn't a lightweight's a salty 6 with saltwater components that I'm comfortable casting with all day.
  15. how does the action compare to the One?
  16. My favorite rod is the one working for the species of fish I'm chasing. Trout, small mouth, bluegill, large mouth, shad, steelhead, salmon, rock bass, dorado, suckers... One rod doesn't cover them all... except for maybe the suckers.
  17. SCott fiber touch 2 wt

    Loomis IMX 4 wt
  18. 9' 6" 6 wt 3 pc orvis osprey superfine from 1981. I built one of these in 81 and caught everything from trout to steelhead. a little to light for big steel over 10 pounds so had to start using a 8 wt. for that use.I broke the rod I built while light line steelheading with a spinning reel on it in about 86, than it got stolen. I just had orvis build me one on the hydro's saltwater reel-seat and components and now use it most for indi fishing.

    The rod is a noodle that flex's to the handle on most larger trout so is very forgiving on tippets. I have tried to like newer rods and gone through buying and testing a bunch but always seem to go back to the original superfines of the 80's. like my friend says, he can get a bombing sage fast rod and we can cast side by side and how he says it is, that I can take a limp noodle and out cast him LMAO! CASTING RODS ARE CASTING RODS AND FISHING RODS ARE FISHING RODS TO ME, and I like fishing rods!

    We down lined an older 8' 1/2" 6 wt. HMG with a GPX 5 wt. line a couple years ago and it was a dream to cast. I guess I'm just stuck in the 80's although I did just purchase a 9' 6" 6 wt. RPL in like new condition that I have not fished yet, I figure it will be my bomber for lake trout, but after test casting in the park I already know it will never fight fish like the Osprey does! TO EACH HIS OWN!
  19. I have only one rod. Dawia 7#, 7'. bought it in 1973. it's all I use and have caught a lot of different fish on it. yes, I would like too have some different ones but I can't afford em. so I will stick with what I got. I do look around for older use ones but haven't found one I like. I am thinking about re doing this one and putting on new guides with some nice thread and reel holder. great thread. tight lines

  20. My most recent has become my favorite.
    A board member posted his 'garage sale' last August.
    I picked up a Loomis GL3 963 and an Abel TR1 with line.
    Has quickly become my favorite stick.

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