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  1. I don't even know where to begin...
  2. I've got a few TFO's, a nice sage, beulah switch that is really nice, echo 5 wt switch that I like alot too...but I find myself using a Lamiglass "honey" 6'6" 3wt ,2 pc rod for most of my oregon coast summer creekin' trips, so i'd say at the moment that's been my favorite since last summer. It's my first and only glass rod, and it's just perfect for the type of fishing I do in my local area on small brushy creeks, and a 12" cutt feels like a steelhead on that thing.
  3. I think my favorite is whatever I have most recently caught a fish on. Right now that's a glass 6'6" 2/3wt built by a forum member. Really nice looking rod, too.
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  4. Sage 4 piece 4wt RPL
    Sage 2 piece 7wt RPL

    If I had to live with only two rods. . .

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  5. Perspective, and the fact there were a lot more and a lot bigger fish to catch back then ;)
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  6. ^
    We weren't all alive during the industrial revolution like some of the geezers here.
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  7. Many years ago I picked up a no-name rod hand made from a blank that only says it's a 4-wt and "Chalkstream." I got it at an outdoor show, where one of the fly shops exhibiting had a few of these, made by one of the employees. It's only 7'8", and after using it for several years, all of the other rods seem like broomsticks by comparison, but I never thought of it as a "slow" action rod until then, and can still put out as much line as I need with it. I use many others now, but it's still my favorite.
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  8. A Bauer M4 SuperLite

  9. Later on some forward-thinking people even practiced birth control, which drastically reduced the population.

  10. Got
    I got the exact same blank at a garage sale for $10 not knowing what it was, and I agree. It is hands down my favorite small water blank of all time!!!!!
  11. I'd be reluctant to pick one as the "Favorite" for fear I'd offend the rest of the rods in my quiver & they'd lose their mojo. The "Most Delightful" rod in-hand would be my old Orvis Superfine 2-wt on a skinny blue mountain stream. Among the "Most Cherished" would be an old G Loomis 7-wt that still bears faint dear departed Maggie puppy-teeth marks in the cork from when she entertained herself while I released the first of many Steelhead that were caught on that rod. Then there's my Dad's old Phillipson bamboo, but I digress . . . suffice to say that they are all "Dear Friends" and we've created memories together . . .
  12. Hands down, the one that really "speaks" to me is my Steffen 8' 6wt....and has been for the last 8 years. It'll throw anything I need for trout or smallies, makes small fish feel big, has nice reserve backbone to deal with larger fish, casts like a dream...what's not to like?

    a distant second would be an old Fenwick HMG 8' 6wt...a little faster than the Steffen, but it still really casts nicely with a nice moderate action.
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  13. currently my z-axis 7110 is my favorite rod. I have caught summer steelhead,sea-run cutthroats, bull trout, chum salmon (not the species I was targeting), and winter steelhead up to 17lbs on that rod and never felt under gunned. The only limitations I have experienced with it are casting heavy flies with heavier tips, and comes up short on the longer casts, but I didn't get it for those situations. Thats why I got a tcx 8119, or a z-axis 8134.
  14. ECHO E3 in single and two-hand - my go-to twigs for pretty much all of my fishing and guiding.

    Hard to beat the price/value point of that rod.
  15. Hands down my favourite for the past few years has been a 3 wt Avid St Croix I picked up from Mingo.

    Love the feel of that baby and it has landed me many, many fish. Been lost in the Cedar only to be found again the next morning ... great karma.

    That being said, the new Sage 379 LL I picked up over the winter is fast coming my new favourite, but it has yet to establish any significant karma with/for me. Will probably come with my soon-to-be trip to the Elk river in BC.

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  16. I have the 7'9'' Avid , and really enjoy using it .
  17. I have that rod in a 5wt and a 3wt. They both definitely throw my tailing loop as well as any rods on the market.
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  18. I've already commited my favorites but after reading Randall's post above (#72) regarding his 6wt Steffen (a rod I'd like to try), it's hard not to also include my old Fenwick FF806. I have comparatively very low dollars into this rod, 2 Pfleugars (one inherited) and Cortland DTF and WFI lines. It'll huck line with the best of them, I can leave it in the car with practically no risk and fish it most anywhere, salt or no. Probably closest to a one size fits all rod ever made. What's not to like.
  19. Got my Redington CT 8644 in today. Even though I still like my Sage more, this rod is just beautiful. Wow.

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