NFR Your Seattle Mariners.

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  1. There is no bandwagon to jump off of. The Mariners have won just 44% of their games over the past 10 years and attendance has dropped by almost a million and a half in that span. If there was a bandwagon getting off would be a good idea. It was a bad ride.

  2. I'l accept an increase in taxes to move them out of town. Seattle is not a baseball town.
  3. Mariners fans after the first week:
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  4. One of you guys needs to jump off and make room, I'm jumping back on...
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  5. If they finish out around .500 I will be a happy camper.... due to the fact i will be camping and not watching a mediocre ball club.
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  6. there doing alright again, anyone want in on that cool aid again?
  7. Uh-Oh-sounds like that Dave Simms flavored Kool Aid has become addictive......
  8. I'd rather drink Bottled water over Kool Aid.
  9. Spring or filtered or spring filtered?
  10. Don't be so choosie.

    After I wrote this. It got me thinking. When I was a kid I used to drink out of a garden hose or the household tap. My wife makes her coffee from the house tap but she wouldn't think of drinking the water from it. I guess she figures that if it's boiled and heated it kills what ever is in it..

    Dillon gets most of it's water from springs. They used to get it out of Rattlesnake creek and then they filtered it.
  11. He's an Angels fan....:D
  12. It's a soccer town! 35000+ at every game. Oh and I guess I should mention that some folks kinda like the Seahawks as well. ;)
  13. How many homers does Griffey have this year? Lets go M's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I'm concerned that the teams name is an affront to all who currently serve or have served in the maritime industry. I think a name change is in order...and this forum has the talent pool to come up with some good one's. Is Rodriguez starting at short tomorrow?
  15. I would take the marysville T- ball champs over the mariners any day , at least they hustle & down the road the T- ballers game will improve!!!!
  16. does being a discharged seaman qualify me? or is that considered military?
  17. I am a baseball fan and the Mariners are the team I watch the most. I also enjoy going to a game in person from time to time. Considering what is on tv these days even watching a losing team beats most everything else on the tube.
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  18. try watching Wicked Tuna !
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  19. if you want to watch gaffing and fish slaughter tokul creek is another great option if you hate tv.
  20. I'm almost sorry I started this thread. They just won their 5th in a row and are one game out of first. This will probably jinx them and they will start a losing trend. Ha, Ha, Ha.

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