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  1. “No matter how good you are, you're going to lose one-third of your games. No matter how bad you are you're going to win one-third of your games. It's the other third that makes the difference.”
    Tommy Lasorda

    It just seems that the M's lose a third (and a half of that other third) before they win their share of the winning third, so that last third never really matters!
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  2. What's the best avenue to get tickets for a good price? I was thinking of taking my family to a game when we are up at the end of the month.
  3. Better value watching the Rat City Roller Girls...
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  4. You should all become Sounders fans and go to their matches instead of Mariners games. The Sounders win and the team wants to win for their fans...the Mariners seem like they couldn't give two shits how the fans feel as long as they get their paychecks, especially management.
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  5. It is simple; I hate soccer. It is the most boring sport on the planet. A simple minded sport for the simple minded masses. Every wonder why it is the most watch sport in the world? Think about it. Uuuuuu duh.

    Also, a team that is contending for first place in thier division and has gone 7 and 2 in thier recent road trip against some of the best teams in the league (minus Houston) is a team that cares about winning.
  6. Wow - who are these guys? Now one game over .500, they've just clawed their way up from 5-1/2 games out of first to just 2 behind division-leading Oakland (did I just say that?)

    The 17-16 Ms open a 3 game home series against 16-17 KC tonight. Might even be worth watching.

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  7. There's an old saying "those who aren't up on a subject tend to be down on it." Like so many adult Americans who never played soccer and don't understand the subtleties of the game and the tremendous skill and endurance it takes to play it, they tend to dismiss it. But then it is a particularly American attitude to assume that the rest of the world is wrong.
  8. As a father of two daughters who spent a LOT of time kicking the ball around, I'm reminded of Frank DeFord's immortal quip, "Why do so many American kids play soccer?"

    "Because it beats the hell out of watching it."

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  9. I tried to get in to it many years ago when Team USA supposedly had a good team to compete in the world cup. The one thing that bothered me is the end of the game, and the game clock vs. officials clock. What is the strategy when you don't know how much time is left? I remember watching that USA team kicking the ball back and forth after the game clock expired and not knowing the official's time. They were passing the ball around on their half of field when the officials time did expire....I believe if they had known they had only 15 seconds left they would have jet streamed down the field in desperation to make something happen. STUPID!!!!! (IMHO)
  10. It's a civilized game. When time runs down, the referee has the discretion to let play continue until neither team has an advantage.

    Now "stupid" is the way the last minute of basketball games have become 10 minute commercials interrupted by a few tenths of seconds' playing time.

    Speaking of commercials, one of the wonders of soccer in the era of commercial sports are the 45 minute comercial-free halves. Of course, the players have to be fit to keep it up without time outs; that's hard on lots of the oversized athletes who play the popular American sports.

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  11. M's: Now two games over .500 and won 10 of the last 13. Pretty interesting for early May when they're historically in the crapper.

  12. Nice to see Iwakuma back and pitching in fine form. Now if Felix can get back in form...
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  13. Still time for all the naysayers to jump on the bandwagon. Heck, another couple weeks like the last two and I might even have to. :)
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  14. It's a long season - if September rolls around and they are within 2-5 games of the A's, then I'll be excited!

    If that's the case, then I will have to get a portable radio to take with me to the beach when fishing the coho run.
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  15. I don't get your point about it being the most watched game? Are you saying that because the rest of the world enjoys something and the US doesn't that logically that must mean the US has it right? Because I would think it to be the other way around. I'd suggest you go to one of the Sounders home match and just feel the environment there and really watch the game play. It's actually quite an amazing game. I played a lot of sports growing up and to this day still watch a lot of different sports from time to time and I can tell you that soccer is not boring if you know what is actually going on. Certainly no more boring than baseball. Don't get my wrong I love baseball (Rockies and Braves fan) but if either of the two sports were to be labeled boring it'd have to be the sport where all the players stand in the same spot for half the game. I'd urge to give soccer a chance
  16. What about hockey,plenty of action and the occasional disput settled by fisticuffs,the only down side is there are no cheerleaders!
  17. There is an old saying " you can't win the pennant in June, but you can lose it". None the less it's fun to watch the M's have some success. I love baseball and it is one sport that I actually enjoy listening to on the radio. I played the game and loved it and so I like to watch it. My son was a good ball player but didn't love it, it was too slow for him. He wrestled and played rugby, both of which I love to watch because I have a connection to them. I played soccer, my daughter played until she graduated from high school so I watch soccer. I guess I just love sport. One thing I don't like about soccer is the officiating, 1 ref with ultimate power and a thin skin is a recipe for disaster in my mind. My baseball back ground got me in lots of trouble on the sidelines of soccer matches.
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  18. I didn't say they were wrong, I said they were simple minded. It is a simple game of kicking a ball up and down a field. Sure there is strategy and the athletes that play it are talented as are all athletes that reach the professional level but the game is simple and boring. Again a simple game for the simple minded.

    Another thing totally off topic but something that bugs the hell out of me. Pro soccer players are likely some of the best conditioned athletes in the world yet in the case of the Seattle team, can't remember their name, the coach is this fat assed slob that looks like he needs help to stand up and would pass out if he ran 5 yards. I know this isn't isolated to soccer but every time I see that cat it drives me nuts.
  19. [quote="Richard Olmstead,

    "Speaking of commercials, one of the wonders of soccer in the era of commercial sports are the 45 minute comercial-free halves." Just a thought, could be due to the fact that no sponsor wants to pay good money for a commercial that so few people watch? Americans will fully embrace soccer the day after we convert to the metric system.
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  20. I like players/teams/coaching determining the outcome of a contest, not referees who have discretionary authority!

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