NFR Your Seattle Mariners.

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  1. I didn't single anyone out. I called half the civilized world simple minded. We are not even no matter how you look at it. Either I am way ahead or you are one ahead.
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  2. Like it or not the level of soccer/futbol we have available in the states is basically equivalent to the minor leagues. Compare MLS to the English Premier League or any of the European/South American leagues and the level of play is not even comparable.

    I understand that the Sounders are one of the few teams that are trying to raise the game by paying players such as Dempsey, but until that happens across the board I don't see how you're going to get a big following.
  3. What are your thoughts on nascar,left hand turns for hours on end with a few pit stops for fuel and tires to add to the intense excitement.then there are those beer ads to amuse the masses!
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  4. They need something to watch in the south. Ear shatteringly loud, gas guzzling, thousand horsepower cars crashing into each other at 200 miles per hour are not going to be replaced by kick ball or baseball for that matter.
  5. I remember playing soccer in school over 50 years ago. Our coach told us it was the most popular sport in the world. Somebody asked him, "Why?"

    "Because the only thing required to play it is a ball. You don't need any other expensive equipment - just a ball."

    One of the other kids ran up to him, smacked him on the leg, and said, "You're it!"
  6. First, not a sport. Second, least common denominator in a region where a man's bass boat and the rig that tows it costs twice as much as the double-wide he calls home. And everyone's named Billy Joe Bobby or something due to too many couples being related by more than marriage.
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  7. sportsman said:
    Americans will fully embrace soccer the day after we convert to the metric system.​
    T-Law's Quote: It's already embraced by America and I don't think the metric system has played any kind of role in that. . Ok, so now your calling one of the really good dudes on this board a "Moron" and you don't get even a simple joke! Soccer will never be the number 2, 3 or even the fourth most popular sport in America..EVER! Toss in Nascar and even the PGA and you'll still be watching it channel 13 at 1:00 AM or ESPN 34. You can't fix boring! This thread was doing OK talking about the M's and some idiot brings up soccer...why don't you start a thread about Soccer?, then all 5 of you can go back and forth.
  8. wow over fifty years a go I was barely in diapers,you have aged well! lol
  9. I guess they don't watch much tennis either!
  10. It's not my fault you weren't potty trained any sooner...:)
  11. I guess I'm a late bloomer or hard to train.

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