Yup...I think they are for real!

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  1. The last two games are showing a level of commitment and drive seen from teams who have won it all.
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  2. Good one Dave!
  3. Today showed me a lot.
    Their O-line however is getting devastated
    That's never OK I don't care who you are
  4. Damn...with that lead-in I figured you were posting a couple of pics of Spokane's bikini baristas on Topless Tuesdays....but it's just about the hawks....yawn.
  5. If they get the line back and can keep home field they might make it. Without home field they won't go far !!
  6. The offense played real well today. The defense did not, but Talib didn't play. Looks like the 300 lber Belichek pried away from Philly should help.
    Pat.'s ran the ball well and got big plays out of run formations. Brady was a lot more accurate on the deep balls than he has been. Ridley ran hard.
    Saw that the Chickens went to overtime with the worst team in the league at home. Better start stopping the run and protecting the QB.

    Go Sox,
  7. Or have crapped out in the clutch.

    Absolutely fascinating discussion, seriously!
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  8. The Hawks remind me of the Gonzaga Bulldogs basketball team. More often times than not, they play "up or down" to the level of opponent they are facing at the time.

    One week, they are 49'er killers, the next they are clawing their way through a game with West Seattle High.
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  9. With a line hammered by injury, the offense has an excuse, the defense not so much. If they are going to give up 200+ yrds
    rushing a game they are in trouble.
  10. They are playing the way you'd expect a team to play in a successful playoff run. Scrappy, never giving up, playing injured with good depth on the roster, and coming from behind getting the win by ever means possible. I think it could be an interesting Jan/Feb for the Seahawks.
  11. I hope you are correct.

    I would like to see a little more protection for Russell.
    I would like to see Lynch healthy.
    I would like a new fly rod.
  12. With an offensive line as porous as a catch and release net Wilson won't make it to the end of the season. He is getting pounded back there. I hope his backup is getting a lot of reps.


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