Z-Axis to be Discontinued?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by BDD, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. I heard this was happening this summer? Anybody else hear it? Anyone care? It seems rod makers are upgrading their lineup sooner and sooner nowadays.
  2. I think it is only the single handers as of right now. If you are interested in Z-axis single-handers start looking at shops now! The Spey rods and switch rods are not being discontinued this year so they wont be on sale.
  3. yea I also caught wind that the Z-axis are going away, im sure youll start finding discounted prices soon enough
  4. Bring on the " ONE "
  5. The 'One' will only last five years at best...or until they can defend they have something 20% lighter and 20% stronger...or some numbers of that effect.
  6. Z-axis single handers are on sale nowadays...
  7. How long does the average flagship model rod stay in production?

    The Z-Axis came out in 2006. When did the XP start being produced? Late 90s I'd imagine. So Sage probably made that for more than 5 years. More than 10? Anybody know?

    How long did Winston make the BIIx before they replaced it with the BIIIx? I'm thinking 5-7 years.

    Seems like Loomis has been making some version of the GLX for 15-20 years. How long have they been making the Streamdance? Probably closer to 10 than 5.

    The Scott S3 was around for a while. How long ago did they come out with the S4? I remember the original S series. The S2 seems to have come and gone without my noticing it.

    I've been kinda looking for a backup 6wt. Trying to find an old Echo 2. I've got one in a 7wt that I use as a Rocky Ford streamer rod. Remember those? Came with 2 tips -- one for accuracy and one for distance. You still see used ones around. Haven't made them for a while now. Came out in 2006. Ancient history.

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