Z-Axis vs. G. Loomis Streamdance HLS

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Robert Engleheart, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. After treating myself to a day on the Cedar with the esteemed Jason Decker, I was impressed by the wonderful Z-Axis. I'm set on getting either a Z or the Loomis in a 9'
    to 9'-6" six weight. Any comparisons, personal insight?
  2. Yeah, they both are damn expensive. If planning on playing in the salt I would go with the SW seat.
  3. You can't lose with either; they are both awesome. Seriously. I'm assuming you're talking a 5 weight . . . ? If so, both are arguably at the top of the heap. Both are very smooth, fast action rods that aren't boomstick stiff yet still have plenty of power.

    Great rods, but not for everyone's budget . . .
  4. I dont find the ZAxis fast and I think more will agree with that. It certainly has some kick but is more medium in play to me. I actually think the 5 weight 9 foot version is a great dry fly rod but the tip to me is more like a 3 weight and really lacks when you want to throw big bugs and heavier rigs.

    Fun rod though but an XP is still hard to beat.
  5. I've got a couple of Z-Axis rods in different weights and lengths. I would not consider them broomstick stiff nor medium. I'm not experienced enough to know for sure but the rod in my unworthy hands with unrefined casting stroke can deliver an awful lot of line right on target. I've cast my 5wt with ease in light winds with double rigs and larger flies with no problems. I do have an older Loomis Streamdance, not the HLS series. That rod in the same weight category as one of my Z Axis rods seems quite comparable but maybe a slight bit stiffer. I use that setup with shooting heads off the beach. Sorry I can't offer more specific use with any of the GL HLS rods. Hopefully you can find a place to cast them both, or someone who has each of your coveted rods that you can try. Best of luck.
  6. I just got back from a 2 day trip with a friend and he has the HLS Loomis in a 9' 5wt. I was using my 10' 5wt Z-Axis. Both rods had the same line, Rio Gold. The HLS was slightly faster but not by much. Both rods were exceptional for long delicate casts with dries. I would lean towards the Z-Axis but probably because that is what I was more use to.

    On a side note I had my 9'6" 6wt BII-MX along as well and it was the go to rod when we had to switch to the double nymph, split shot and indicator rig.
  7. my endorsement is in my hand, 9ft 6in 5wt zaxis
  8. winston b2mx are nice, but winston customer service/rod repair are SLOW MOFO's
  9. I would fish either of them. Both good sticks!
  10. Many folks interchangeably use 'fast' and 'stiff' actions; they are different. The Z is considered fast, yet it is not stiff. GLX rods are designed by arguably the best fly caster ever, Steve Rajeff, and the rods are great casting (and, to me, fishing) rods. Like the Z the Streamdance is another fast, but not stiff, fly rod (albeit the GLX could be a little faster and a tad bit stiffer than the Z).

    Again, both rods are super sticks, and are great rods for most Western US fishing.
  11. I think Richard is spot on. I have tried out both but own both a 9' 4wt and a 9'6" 6wt HLS GLX and have been loving every minute of using them. I use the 6wt in the salt all the time and it still looks great.

  12. I know I love my Z. Awesome rods. Fast, but still very smooth.
  13. I think a lot of people try to compare one rod weight with the rest of a series or brand. I for one think the XP is superior in 6-8 weight range and above compared to the Z-Axis.....6 is interesting, but 5 and below I favor the Z-Axis.

    I think the XP excelled with the 691/697/6100, 890/896/8100. 990,996 series. Some love the 790 - 7100 too. I think the Z-Axis fell a little short in these rods, but too each their own and good luck.

    Winston, I have tried/casted several lengths and lines, that five weight in B2X @ 9'6", SW seat ....sweet corn candy :) helluva a rod (IMHO). Lines, Lines, make a big difference to with your rod of choice. To many variables out there.
  14. I'm stuck on a 6 weight. I threw Jason's 5 weight Z and it is awesome. I have a 3/4, 6 and 9 wt and use the 9 very little here in CA (reserved for future Baja and Alaska trips). I'm not about to go 5, when I have 4 floating and 2 sinking (hopefully more) in 6 weight, just too similar. Also, I'm a cheap bastard and will not pay retail, I'm looking at and have basically pulled the trigger on a new 9' GL Streamdance for $300 on craigslist (missed the one on WFF for $250). I'd prefer a 9'-6" but the 9' will do. I have an old Scott ARC in a 9'-6" that is my skater rod and while it's not a Z or GLX, it'll stand on it's own. Also, while Winston BII may be a great rod, I just don't see people putting them in the same class as the Z or GLX. I have a 9' 6WT Vapor that has become the wife's rod when she fishes or my 2nd or sinker rod when tossing 15' DC type VI line. It's a good stick, and some like the BIIX, but I want a Z or GLX. I guess my basic question is; having thrown the Z, I know I like this rod. Not having thrown a GLX, I'm relying on heresay, albeit strong that it's a slightly different, but comparable stick. All others are a notch below, apparently. I don't want to start a Ford/Chevy debate, just tell me if I like a Z, I'll most likely like a GLX.................
  15. V8 or V6? 225 or 300 HP? depends which driver responds. some get more out of less, others get what they should, and then those who know what the hell they are doing maximize it ......:thumb:
  16. I've owned both... GLX all the way IMO. Lighter, crisper and outfitted with better hardware IMO. Regardless what you pick, it don't matter what you end up with, unless its fished.
  17. I have a orvis TLS 5 wt. 9 footer in fast action tip flex and a G-Loomis 5 wt. 9 footer slow action, I prefer the Orvis because it does cast my heavier flys better and i prefer the fast action. I have caught fish up to 24 inches and my Orvis it handles them with little problem. You have to work a little bit but thats fun for me. It all depends on how much $$$$ you want to spend. They are both great rods your choice. Steve
  18. The Z-Axis is a premium fly rod I've never had the opportunity to spend any quality time with. But there's a spot in my quiver for a 4wt Z if anyone has one they're looking to unload.

    By buying and selling and trading and saving and keeping my eye out for deals, I've ended up with a pretty nice collection of fly rods. I've got an S3, a BIIx, an XP, among others. But far and away, my 5wt GLX is the finest fly rod I've ever used. You can have it when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

    But, like I said, I got money set aside for the right deal on a 9' (or possibley 8'6") 4wt Z-Axis. Ain't holding my breath, though. Hardly ever see them used. Guess folks who own'em got no intention of giving them up.
  19. you might want to go a shop that carries the GLX and cast it first! JD

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