Z-Axis vs. G. Loomis Streamdance HLS

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Robert Engleheart, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. The HLS GLX is nice Robert but did you know about the Max Line version? The Max Line Speed GLX models in either a 5 or a 6 weight will hands down throw line better than the HLS model. Although I don't own the Z Axis, I have cast one and would have a hard time parting with either the MLX or HLS models.
  2. no on loomis, they are making bad business decisions they are letting go of all their reps and picking up there shimano reps. Fly shops will start cutting back after the first of the year. If they would just go back to building great rods in black with new comp. they could be back. They are going down.
  3. Found a 9' #6 on CL for 1/2 retail, never fished. Only used in the pool where my landscape limits me to 70' casts. This rod is excellent! I can't say it's better than a Z, but I certainly think it's good enough for me. As I'd still like a 9'-6" or 10', I'll continue to troll the boards for a Z, maybe I'll get lucky but I certainly have no regrets with this puppy. Now I have to decide where to go fish it next weekend, got a couple 4-day weekends coming up due to the State budget issues and the Gov giving us all 3 days unpaid leave a month; more time to fish!
  4. I had the same battle deciding on which rod (Z vs Loomis). I took my reel and line down to my local shop and loaded up both rods to compare. In my unskilled/hacker hands the Z just felt better. I also have never looked back. Go take the test drive and you won't have any regrets. I know I didn't get a deal, but I was willing to spend more at a shop for two reasons: 1)Support your local fly shop (Cabellas sucks) 2) Get a test drive

    Both rods have great customer service- but I like stopping in at Sage on Bainbridge when the inevitable happens.

    My 2 cents.
  5. I heard and now have read Gary Loomis has hooked up with TFO. TFO..the little engine that could...
  6. I'll disagree with the 'hand's down thrown line better thant the HLS model'. I'm a fast action rod fan, but to me the Max Speed GLX is no only very fast but a little too stiff. It would be very difficult for 90% (or more) of the fly fishers to get it to load it well. The one feature the MLX has over the HLS, in my opinion, is the fighting butt/reel seat. Other than that, the HLS (in my opinion) is a much more user-friendly day in/day out rod to use than the MLX.

    Both the Z Axis and the HLS are outstanding performers, and Robert should be ecstatic if those are the two rod options being considered. He can't can't lose with either.

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