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  1. what does the + and - mean on the ratings deal? and the thing below it? am always somewhat confused. mike w
  2. oops, i put this thing in the wrong place. dont know how to move it. sorry, mike w
  3. Hi Mike,

    The system allows me to add any type of rating, well beyond like / dislike. I could have ratings feedback for "informative", "bad spelling", "wrong", and can set each to be a positive, neutral or negative thing. I prefer a simple approach with just the like / dislike and they have their applicable positive / negative settings with them. The Ratings Received counts are broken out by pos / neg and indicated with those +/- signs along with the color to back it up.

    I can also setup automatic triggers to be pulled based on negative or positive activity. Not that there is anything setup but I could, say, have someone automatically banned for 100 dislikes. I could have a post with 20 dislikes removed from public view.

    All that's nifty but not necessary. What it does provide is a record of the boards feedback on your approach that you carry with you moving forward. Better yet it facilitates the feedback without actually making a post, reducing some fluff posts in the process.

    Such a simple thing, but not necessarily a small thing.


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