Zip up waders, whats the verdict?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by filson, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. I have been milking my old Hodgeman waders for going on 5 years now, patched em a few
    times, dealt with the pinhole leaks and the mysterious wet spots after I take them off. Well I have finally talked the wife into letting me get a nice set of waders. I am not particularly hard on waders, but I do fish a ton (3 times per week in the summer, and at least once per week in the winter). I am looking at a set of Dan Bailey EZ zip waders, and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. I have read good reviews on some sites, but I take the advice of the guys on this site over any online review. I also saw that Simms has a set of zip ups, but they are a bit more spendy compared to the Bailey's.

    Any thoughts positive or negative about the Bailey's? Any other brands that I should look at instead? I havn't heard many negative things about Bailey's, so I am leaning in that direction.

    Thanks Guys :beer1::beer2:
  2. Definitely try on the Baileys along with the Simms (I'd add Orvis to the mix for a 3rd). If you're thin side of average the Simms will be a much better fit; Baileys tend to be 'roomy' in the legs. IMO, 80% of the time the fit will easily decide for you.

    Someone else will have to report on the zip-ups. For me, even if priced the same I'd stay away from them. Mine are easy to pull down midway and get over the brim. Plus I'd hate to lose the center positioning of my storage, hand-warmer pocket, etc. For what it's worth I went with the G3's and am more than happy with them. I gripe about the cost as much as the next guy but really it's all there for the $ spent relative to others. Whatever you do, highly recommend ones with no butt-crack seam (Simms and DB both did the re-routed seam).

    Probably worth knowing, I'm on the skinny side. Bigger boys may take a different view of the zip-ups. Good luck + enjoy!
  3. I've used nothing but DB's for years; never a problem with any of the waders (hip, waist high and chest highs). That said, one other option to look at are the DB's waist highs. The new design was dreamed up by someone who actually must fish. Velcro straps to cinch the waist, two deep covered pockets in front, comfortable as all heck to ware-walk around in, etc., and etc.

    As to 'what's the verdict?' Can't see the point of having a zipper front .... just another place to leak.

  4. How about a zipper for a place to take a leak? Most companies are targeting the aging fly fishermen with this innovation, but I've tried a few pair on and they are much easier to get into and out of. When the overpriced zippers come down in cost I think they will be more mainstream. Those that can't hold their morning coffee so well anymore might be the main interest group. There aren't any of those folks here though, are there?
  5. I have a set of baileys and i really like them. As for the zippers all guys i talk to say to stay away from them. It is just one more place for waders to leak. How much harder is it to actualy un do the regular ones then the zip ups?
  6. First good laugh of the day!

    People 'with this type of problem' probably should be sporting about in hip waders.:rolleyes:
  7. I talked to a guy here in Montana who was wearing a pair of Hodgmans zip waders. He really liked them. If it gets to hot out, you can always zip them down to cool off.

    And I don't drink coffee anymore. I haven't had a cup of coffee in about 16 years.

  8. Hey Jim, my buddy Fearless Fishbait bought the Hodgeman's zip front recently (within the last year) and liked them for the convenience. That is, until the zipper blew out on him when we were floating the Satsop in early Oct. He hadn't really worn them that much. I haven't heard what the final outcome was, but he was sending them back on the warranty. I suggested he ditch 'em and get a better brand.
  9. I've had the opportunity to try two pairs of zippered waders from two manufacturers. Both have performed without leaks over the last year-and-a-half. Both pairs use waterproof zippers made by the German firm Riri which also manufactures zippers for divers' dry suits; diving, I suspect, would put such zippers to a much more severe test than wading.

    They do require a bit more attention than conventional waders, mostly common sense precautions like not folding the zipper sharply. They are easier to get in and out of and you don't have to take off your vest, coat, etc. in a downpour in order to take a leak.
  10. Sometime around the first of the year Simms will be offering a mid priced non Gore-tex Zippered wader. I am looking forward to see that wader.
  11. Hell no to zippers.

    Is it really all that convenient anyway? I piss a couple times a day while fishing and it takes about 3 minutes total.
  12. I know a couple guys with the baileys zipper model and they leaked eventually...allot of guys love the baileys regular as the above said, not worth it IMHO to add one extra area that can leak...

    Personally I agree with JB...snap...yank...waggle...your difficult is that??? I would have said "hard" but then I know what would have happened...:rofl:
  13. I hate the zippered waders. It has made it so much easier for guys to just stand out in the open and do their thing. I am really tired of walking along the river just to come across some guy peeing in the water. :beathead:
  14. you mean like not even going to the bank, just out there multitasking?

    I hope they were using barbless hooks...Bhhhrrrr...
  15. I am yet to see this but it definately sounds rediculous.
  16. Just wait for a all day rain and you will be glad you have a zipper and can keep your jacket on while doing the deed.

    I have the simms and love them, going on my second year with no leaks. I can say I only use them in the winter time as they are alittle thicker material than my G3 waders.

    Just my 2 cents.
  18. I fish in the rain all day all the time and don't mind getting a little damp while peeing. Wear poly fabrics and things should be all right with a little dampness.

    A blown out crotch in my waders would ruin my day and having them fixed would ruin a couple weeks (just in a fishing sense).
  19. A piss break is a good time to rest the water chk your knots maybe change flys. I can recall a time at pyramid lake chuck & duck 250gr of shooting head. Tucked my rod into my ladder, walked to shore took a piss, waded back out & had a 7lb Lahontan cutt on my fly! The one fish all day..
  20. The 8 seconds it takes to shed a rain shell is no least to me. And given the brimmed hat and remaining layers that stay on I have yet to miss the rain shell for the 14 seconds it takes to drain it. That aside, there was another objection to the zip-waders, a significant one, mentioned in post #2:

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