Zip up waders, whats the verdict?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by filson, Nov 1, 2008.

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    Hey, that reminds me of a good one. Once I came around the bend and surprised a truck-drivin-but-shooda-been-inna-lezbaroo gal I know discreetly hangin her backside over the transom of her boat, verily pollutin the tidal flux (excusable though it was, as it was high tide, and the inevitable runnout would disperse the effluent). Main thing was, i got my laughs in for the morning, and was able to take advantage of her "being dead in the water" and get upstream of her and hit some virgin water. :rofl:
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  3. Dan Page Active Member

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    I got a pair of the Vision zips a few years ago to try out. I only use them in the winter. When it's pouring rain it is very, very handy. I think a quality zipper would be the last place to leak. Mine never has, but the waders have developed some seam leaks--after much use. I personally don't like the bulkiness of the zipper at my chest when summer fishing. I use the non-zips when weather is good.
    I'm intrigued with the new Reddington sonic weld waders and may try them next.
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    Wow, you're the man. I don't think I could even find it in 30 seconds and then it would take two or three times that long to drain it. I must be getting old. Actually I know I am.
  5. Dan Nelson Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum

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  6. Brian White Recovering Bugmeister/Troutlandish?

    I have the Redington Sonic-Pro zip waders and I like them a lot. In addition to being easy to get in and out of, you can also zip them down to cool off when you have the chest waders on but are on a long walk or out of the water. And yes - should you need to relieve yourself it is easy to do. For what it is worth, some guys are going to pee where we probably shouldn't - that is true regardless of whether waders have a zipper or not.

    For the price I think they are an excellent choice and in my limited experience Redington has excellent customer service - another bonus.

    So far I've had no leaking or other issues with the zipper. That wader model also has nice hand warmer-pockets.... My only complaint is that the sizing is not quite right for me - i am 6'1 175 with size 12 feet...The large waders have an integrated wading belt that is too big for me (32" waist), but the feet aren't big enough to fit my feet. If I recall, the XLs fit my foot better, but seem geared toward a much huskier wearer. I think I should've gone with a Large tall or similar. Having said all that - they are still probably my favorite chest waders to date. Only my old simms wading pants (rest in pieces) surpass these in my heart.
  7. Don Freeman Free Man

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    Simms will install a smaller horizontally mounted relief zipper for around $100 when you order a pair of G3's. It looks almost exactly like what I had in my Viking Dry Suit 20 years ago for hundred of dollars more.

    I saw the first one of the G3s come into the shop last week, and I was really impressed. Ask your local dealer.

    Keep the zipper clean of debris with a toothbrush, and lubricate with a beeswax stick and you're good for years. Do a little research on whose zippers they are using, some are much better than others. I've been out of the dive business for years, so would call a reputable shop and ask them for a recommendation. 20 years ago, the top end was YKK, but I don't know now.
  8. Steve Call Active Member

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    A friend has had a pair of Hodgman's with the zipper for two years of hard use. He swears he'll never get waders without a zipper again. No leaks at the zipper, but a couple of leaks on leg seams. I was tempted when I got my G3's last year, but I think Simm's wanted an extra $100 + for G4's with the zipper.

    Try on several different brands and buy the ones that fit the best. The zipper is a great convenience, but overall fit is more important.
  9. Rick Todd Active Member

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    With my Simms convertibles I can easily pee without removing the suspenders (just loosen the Velcro belt and they slip down enough to relieve yourself) and they easily convert to chest highs when I want the extra coverage for wading deep, warmth or dryness. I really think these waders are the Bomb! Rick
  10. Corky New Member

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    I'm about 40 trips into vision extremes and reckon the zip is the business .Love seeing the pals whipping off the jackets and vest while I can just zip down and roll it out there ;).
  11. Chad Lewis NEVER wonder what to do with your free time

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    I think the only reason I'd want a zipper is for takin' a leak. Otherwise, why pay for it? It would be nice not have to take off a jacket, vest and whatever else. Don't think I'm there yet though...

    I've used drysuits for various purposes for several years. The only time I've had a zipper leak was when I didn't have it zipped all the way. THAT was eye-opening..... Given quality construction, there's no reason a waterproof zipper should leak.
  12. jeff bandy Make my day

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    Trick for those that don't have or want zippers.

    I have the G-3's and they swapped the clips on the suspenders. You can clip one to the other. I just clip them in front of my neck, release the waist belt and I can drop the front down and take a leak. No need to remove my jacket or anything. the back side stays up under my jacket so no water gets in them.

    I don't know if this would work for everyone. Guess if your short and wearing waders that come up to your armpits, you would have the suspenders shortened up too much for this.
  13. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    Adding a mechanical device to an otherwise simplistic design is inviting a breakdown...just sayin.
  14. Salmo_g Active Member

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    I got the Redington pre- sonic pro zip waders on a closeout discount, and the leg seam leaked right out of the box. Sent them to Redington and they replaced them with Sonic pro model. I almost feel guilty cuz I wouldn't have bought these at full retail, but after a half dozen fishing trips I can only report that they've been very good. As another poster mentioned, it's handy to hike with the front zipped open.
  15. Derek Day Rockyday

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    Welded waders rock. Stitching and seam tape just creates thousands of little failure points. I have a pair of cabelas welded waders that have lasted longer than any pair has ever lasted for me. I usually get new waders in june and they're leaking by January--they get the hell beat out of them. I've had this pair going strong since june, not so much as a slow leak. My next pair of waders will be the Redingtons, not so much for the zipper as for the welded construction. I know someone who has almost 100 days on a pair he got as a prototype, and the zipper just gave out--and he feels too guilty to send them back b/c he got them for free. I'm sold.
  16. skyrise Active Member

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    My Simms are still going strong. but i have only had them for 6 months.
    fingers crossed. :)
  17. rory Go Outside

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    The original post was from 2008. I didn't think that we were supposed to bring up these old topics. I don't find it such a big deal to stop fishing, take off my layers, and pee.
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    So I suppose you are still driving a car with a stick-shift, no air conditioning, no power brakes and no power steering.:rolleyes: Not all innovation is problematic.
    It is time to move into the 21st century with your thinking.
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    As you get a little older, and you have to pee more often; that zipper might start looking pretty good.
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  20. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I fixed my problem for taking a leak. I don't ever wear my waders. I don't fish when it's cold out anymore. And in the summer time I just wear shorts and tennies.