Zip up waders, whats the verdict?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by filson, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. Jim is that why you call it "wet wading"
  2. I have a pair of Dan Bailey waders (no zipper) and they are great.
    I bought my lady a pair of Redington guides and she loves them, again no zipper.
    Maybe you can trust a zipper to not leak, but I don't think I would.
    Now as for taking a "P" in the river, it's just not good PR.
    Besides I find the water to be cold and deep.
    Plus I would not want NFL to break down laughing.
  3. Wet wading is when you pee in your waders.
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  4. Try standing up when you pee.
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  5. Hey. My little PU is a stick. No air. No power steering, might have a little assist in the breaks. That doesn't make me old.

    Wait. Never mind. It's a 1990. Next year it will be classified as vintage.
    F.U. Jesse. (in OMJ's crotchety voice)
  6. Jeff I was just trying to validate the purchase of my Simms G-4 Zip front waders. I love mine but I had to avert my eyes when we rung them up..
    BUT the first time on a frigid winter day on the Grande Ronde when I needed to relieve myself I didn't freeze my A** off, it was all worth it.:)
  7. there's no need for zippered waders, or even potty breaks any longer. this revolutionary new product, the result of a joint-development venture between simms and their new partner, is now available. you'll never lose another fishing minute again. introducing "Flypers": for serious anglers.

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  8. ...says the fly shop salesman to the mechanical engineer :p
  9. I knew there was something wierd about you now I know. An engineer.
  10. I noticed something while skimming this thread, which I’ve also noticed here in the shop: Almost everyone who owns a pair of zippered waders likes them, most of the guys who speak poorly of them have never owned them…
    So far, I have not had a customer that owned the G4Z (zipper) wader, go back to non-zippered waders when the time came to replace them.
  11. I have DB EZ-Zips and they are great. Last spring in Montana, it was below freezing and the rod guides were freezing. My buddies had to layer down to relieve themselves and were chilly by the time they got everything back in place. I simply dropped the front end of my waders, took care of business and got back to fishing. This year (week before last) my DB's malfunctioned and the zipper started coming apart from the bottom end. I called DB and they said that my waders would need to be replaced. I sent them back and will wait to see how that goes. Botom line is that I am still a big fan of zippered waders for us older guys, if you know what I mean.
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  12. Can't get them in my size.
  13. Really?
    Info from Simms says they will just about "custom manufacture" any of the G-4's from bootie size to inseam length.
    I know you are a big dude and you have probably checked it all out.
    I sure like my Zip's.
  14. $50.00 to change bootie size or shorten them. They will NOT do customs or add length. Got this on the phone, from the Rep, about two years ago.

    Thanks to Brita at Avid I found out the inseams on the G-3's were very generous and a 38" inseam would work for my 40" legs. First pair of waders I've ever owned that fit.

    I had the opportunity to get a pair of the Redington welded seam zipper waders last year. But they only make up to a 34" inseam. :mad:
  15. i have a pair of hodgeman zipper waders and love them!!! and the price was great!!!
  16. The real downside to zip front waders is that the new generation of anglers will never learn the "junk enhancement" technique of oldtimers who just hoisted their package up and over the top of their chest waders to pee. Most fishermen acknowledged adding a few inches after a few seasons of this treatment. Zip fronts will cause the next generation of fishermen to rely on internet male enhancement gimmicks.
  17. yowch!
  18. sshhh! don't tell our secrets.

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