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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Irafly, Feb 18, 2012.

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    According to the person(s) who took the time to vandalize a certain Western Washington Fly Fishing only lake near Anacortes. Apparently noone on the interwebs knows about this lake and it's not ok to talk about it or post reports here on WFF. Beware if you too reveal a zipper lip like this you might also draw the ire of a band of fly fishing vandals. Maybe the gangs have moved west boys.


    In case you can't read the picture, it says: Ira, Nick, Ford F don't net this lake to death WFF
  2. This is hysterical. He's probably been telling himself that the reason he keeps getting skunked is because there are too many anglers on the lake.

    "How can anyone expect to catch any fish if there are 10 anglers competing for only 100 acres of lake? It's really sad that the fly fishing community feels the need to descend upon this little lake, desecrating and harassing the fragile triploid population with their barbless hooks and rubber, knotless nets. I won't fish the lake any more; I just can't shake the the thought that some of the fish I catch may have been caught before. Besides, you only get an hour of productive fishing at dawn before the online fishing community shows up and puts the fish off the bite with their "chironomids", whatever the hell those are. I just can't enjoy my wilderness experience when I know that those noble, ancient, googly eyed fish have been touched by human hands. So what if you have a computer, you should have to find your zipperlips like the rest of us -- by opening the fishing regulations and scanning the pages for 'catch-and-release only."
  3. Trying to remember when I first saw that. It's been there a few weeks. Oh well, hope they got all the spelling correct.

    So The Office is no longer a secret? :clown:
  4. Where do I find this report?
  5. I can't load your pictue. I click on it but nothing happens.
  6. I couldn't read the sign at all, the pic is way too small!

  7. That is funny. A lake by Anacortes, hummm - P---. Nah, couldn't be.

  8. It says; Ira, Nick, Ford F don't net this lake to death WFF
  9. I hear there is a matching sign on the Lone Lake pit toilet :rofl:

    Good seeing represented on Lone today. Guitarfisher, Ira and Nick Clayton. It was slow while I was on the water, but Nick and Ira "netted the lake" today, if anyone did.
  10. Hey why does your name get to be first? :mad:
  11. So that's where they're hooking those big browns!!!! SS

  12. Shhhhh!!!!! Can't be giving away all the secrets.

    Great to meet you today Jeff. Sure is a dandy little lake you got there. Ill definitely be back soon, just about got Pass all netted up
  13. So I honestly thought at first that someone was mad that we were catching so many fish.... I knew that couldn't be true, because Nick isn't that good... Oh, net as in the Internet.

    Ok I'll tell everyone, it wa Pass lake.
  14. They will just put more fish in it. Make sure you fill out the catch card.
  15. You're right, I'm not. Usually I just have technical difficulties and watch the Ira show.

    Hopefully whoever wrote it doesn't catch wind of the damage we did to the stick population today, that could really set them over the edge.
  16. No one willing to fess up that it was them? No one ready to give us a good old WFF thrashing for how we were fishing and how we dared say something about it? Shocking!
  17. I wish I had the GPS coordinates of this secret lake.
  18. You want some secret places to fish. I know of lots of places to fish that never see another foot print.. But I had to search out those places far and wide so I ain't giving any of them up any more.

    But I did fish Day creek one time. I climbed down into this canyon, hell of a place to get into. I found where people had left their garbage.. I never saw no other way to get in there so it could of been there a long time. Hell, the flashlight I found never worked. LOL
  19. That's the west side equivalent of the tagging I see at all the lake accesses in the basin :clown:

    Different culture, same message?

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