Zipper Lip Revealed!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Irafly, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. I found one over here on the east side - Nunya Lake. It produces good sized fish. I blindfolded myself when I went in.

  2. Jim, are you sure it was garbage and not their remains??
  3. I know another zipper lip on the east side that I will now "net to death", it is called.... Lenice, bet you didn't know about that one, because after March first it will never be mentioned on the Internet.

  4. Oh Jeez, Ira! Why don't you just go ahead an call out L_nore or D_y _alls as well!

  5. No, it was just camping junk. Stuff people are to lazy to take out what they bring in.
  6. Bill, is that the place you've been whenever anyone asks what you've been up to and you just say: "Nunya business!"

  7. That's the same one Dick. That and Loch Jaw Lake.

    Truthfully I don't have many fishing areas I wouldn't share. I share some of my "secret" high lake information as I want to see who's dumb enough to go into some of the areas.
  8. Have at you war of the web lads, just don't mention Lake Ki , my favorite local fishing hole or jennings pond.
  9. I have found out that the people that lurk here want the easy accrss areas. If you have to beat the bushes to fish most won't go. When I was a lot younger I always used to go into places that I Billy Goat would have trouble getting in. And the fishing was better there.

    Now that I'm in Montana I can fish along side the road and still catch fish. Gotta just love it.
  10. I can see Montana's new motto, "MONTANA... The Geezer State".

    Sorry Jim, just had to do it.
  11. Thank you. But your getting on in years also. Soon you will be an old man.
  12. I took a walking stick with me for the first time Sunday. The difference between a wading staff and a walking stick is the walking one doesn't get wet. I had a few muddy areas to portage at Rocky Ford.

    Saturday I saw my first guy wading in Rocky Ford. Rules say no wading for fishing...but he may have been legal. He had a dip net and was searching for his car keys.


    geezer in training

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