Zipperlip Pinks...?

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Another useless fishing report and a question. I and a couple friends plied the shorelines of Puget Sound and Maury Island yesterday from Brown's Point to Three Tree point, and although we saw jumpers, and saw fish in the all around us at times... no hits, no runs, no errors.

    Is it just me, or are the pinks nothing like they were two years ago? Seems like there were more fish around then, even though this year's run is 'predicted' to be bigger. And, the previous run's fish seemed to more readily hit a fly. This year, not so much, at least for me. I suppose it could have been the repetitive squalls moving through yesterday, at least that's one theory.
  2. Glad it's not just me...
    I have 12+ hours in the boat in the same areas you were in and have gone "0" for "0".
    A couple of visual follows to the boat but except for that, nothing.
    This is in sharp contrast to 2 years ago for me as well.

    I went up into the hills and caught a bunch of little rainbows before the high water came up, I feel better now!
  3. I was out in my kayak on Wednesday, and experienced the same thing - only one strike all day. This is typical salmon behavior, and I think it's because we're late in the run, and the fish are now in "staging mode", focused only on spawning. In the past 3 past weeks, when I'd see fish surfacing, I'd almost always get one.

    Staging or "waiting period" fish are very challenging. They're easily spooked, and can be lock-jawed even if your flies and presentation are perfect.

  4. Lots of jumping fish last night, more than I have seen all year. Fishing was slow but we managed a few. I think it had something to do with the cooler rainy weather.
  5. My experience in Area 11 in late August onward has been like this. Seems to be about right for this time.
  6. These are fish from a native american fish hatchery & are geneticly programed from birth to only hit a gillnet
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  7. A spin fishing co-worker was up there last week and said he did great with spin gear but caught only one with a fly so he went back to the spin gear.

    According to him, there is a ton of fish but most are not interested in a fly.

  8. That's defeatist talk if I've ever heard it! Perhaps the fish were just not interested in his fly; mayhaps the gods of the long-taper were not smiling upon his efforts that day! Tons of fish, aye, but ne'er will ye find a pod of fish willing to savage a chunk of lead that can resist the wiles of the fur and feather!
    Blood and thunder! Victory at sea!
  9. So you'd think. However, at least in Oregon, I've noticed the spin guys usually have a better success rate with salmon than do fly folk.

    That said, I have yet to try one of my patterns that are "tied" with a blade so perhaps I can change the odds when it comes to fly fishing for salmon. :)
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  10. Does "spin" mean bait?? lures?? spinners??
  11. He and the other spin guys were all using "Hoochys" (sp???). I don't know what pattern worked to catch the one pink he caught with a fly.
  12. Actually - a hoochie, to me, looks more like a fly than a bait/spinner/blade/ whatever.
    My theory on pinks - and I pretty much fish them exclusively in the rivers - is that they go on and off each offering during the course of the fishing day
    I find that there are times where they only bite one type of bait/lure/fly. That's when I try something totally different - deeper, closer to shore, really small offering, weird color...
    Yesterday - they were hitting small flies - Tuesday - buzz bombs.
    On the buzz bomb day I was able to hook one - 20 feet out - the buzz bombers were casting 80 - 100 feet and doing ok.
    On the fly day - it was on for me - only guy hooking up
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  13. BTW
    Coho are different...
    I think it's hatchery VS wild as far as their interest in grabbing the offering
  14. I find that when they are in good numbers (concentration of fish), they are pretty aggressive, but not so much when in fewer numbers. From my past experiences fishing around Tacoma (mostly BP), they seem about the same to me. I have also found slowing my retrieve a bit has been helping my success.
  15. I totally feel that studying a couple of spots is $$$$$$.
    Fish your spots when you're pretty confident the fish are around.
    I guarantee you - every fisher on this site would agree :cool:
    At least the ones that catch fish
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  16. I agree... stay the hell of my rock! :mad:
  17. Haven't tangled with too many pinks, but this has been my best year ever for coho so I'm not gonna complain.
  18. Stupid phone
  19. think small and very sparse...
  20. Dave after our trip i have been fishing the Nisqually with a few flies that you inspired and have had some decent luck. Except for today i ended up breaking the rod i fished with when you and i went out. Sad day.

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