Zipperlip Pinks...?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Citori, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Matthew Kaphan

    Matthew Kaphan Active Member

    Hey Skyler! It was nice meeting you on the river today. Bummer about the rod. Maybe we can fish the Nisqually together some time. I may get out there next Monday.

  2. Skyler Evans

    Skyler Evans Active Member

    Matthew it was nice meeting you as well. And i would enjoy fishing the Nisqually we could fish the military side sometime get you to some new water.
  3. Thomas Williams

    Thomas Williams Habitual Line Stepper

    Skyler do you have a Spey for salmon/steelhead?
  4. Skyler Evans

    Skyler Evans Active Member

    Thomas, i do not have a spey... yet but i have been using my 7wt.
  5. Dave Alberts

    Dave Alberts Member

    Skyler, did you break a 7wt rod...?? I hope you fell on it, or even sat on it...not on a pink...!

    Glad to hear you've gotten into some fish!

  6. Skyler Evans

    Skyler Evans Active Member

    it broke while casting lol