Zipperlip pond fishing report

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jeff bandy, Feb 5, 2011.

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    First off, I'd like to apologize to anyone who thinks I should tell them were I fished today. Thats not happening.

    The body of water in question was stocked by my club, as a test. We wanted to see if it would make a good candidate for the quality water program. As this lake is open, you can see why we have to keep it quiet.

    I fished it today for the first time. Fished a Clear int. with a olive wolly. Some black mig. coming off but NO surface activity, so the dry flies stayed dry. Fishing was good if slow. Water was really cold. I guess the fish were as well. Averaged about one fish every 30min. The club put a few big ones in and I managed to hook three of them.

    I was really shocked how fat they were. well feed. Got to say, they didn't put up nearly the fight I expected. The biggest was 22" and I could of handled him on a 3wt. no problem. 5wt was overkill. Not because I'm some kind of super fisherman. (I am) But because the fish once hooked, acted like brood stock. I had to strip them all in to keep tension on them. Hopefully they will perk up with some warmer weather.

    After a couple of fun but fruitless steelhead trips, it's kind of nice to stick a few. Good day:thumb:
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    Excellent! And kudos to your club for doing something proactive toward improving a fishery. :beer2:
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    Sweet secret squirrel report!
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    Dont show us your nuts
  6. guess i should work toward an invite to join the club. I'd be happy to cook a lamb dinner if that's what it would take?
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    did someone say lamb? Shit.... I might get fired.
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    Nice report. Where did you say you were fishing?:clown:
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    Just the other side of Kissmyass!!!:)
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    ass hole?
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    Is that a new form of water therapy?
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    Hey I know that pond.

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    I get that a lot these days.:hmmm:
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    is this near myrtles inlet?